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Primers are preparatory coatings that promote adhesion of coatings or roll goods, inhibit the development of rust, or serve a protective stain-blocking layer.

Black-Knight Primer

Coal tar-based primer that provides maximum surface adhesion to Garlands Black-Knight coal tar products. Black-Knight Metal Primer can also be used to increase adhesion to metal, concrete and masonry. Ideal for use on coal tar roofs, as well as metal, concrete and masonry.
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Eco-Seal Primer

Eco-Seal Primer is a hybrid, acrylic joint sealant primer specifically formulated to enhance the performance of Garlands Tuff-Stuff MS and Green-Lock Sealant XL as well as powdery masonry substrates such as brick, block, stucco, and EIFS.
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Garla-Block Primer

Bleed-blocking, water-based acrylic primer enhances adhesion while preventing stains and discoloration of your reflective coatings caused by asphalt and coal tar roof systems.

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Asphaltic roof primer that enhances adhesion and improves coverage of all Garland asphalt-based products.
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Garla-Prime VOC

Asphaltic, low VOC alternative to Garla-Prime that acts as a bonding agent for surfaces that can be difficult to adhere to.
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Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer

Water-based, VOC-compliant primer for use with Insul-Lock HR over smooth, mineral and gravel surfaced built-up roofs.
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Rust-Go Primer

Rust inhibitive primer that enhances the adhesion and performance of Rust-Go VOC Top Coat, Revitalizer Metal, and CPR systems.
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SA Primer

Emulsion-based primer used to improve the adhesion of Garlands self-adhering modified membranes.
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White-Knight Metal Primer

Moisture curing primer that enhances the adhesion and performance of White-Knight and White-Knight Plus over metal surfaces.
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